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Creating your perfect kitchen design

Creating your perfect kitchen design

Once you've defined your goals, draw a scaled floor plan of your kitchen on graph paper and make several copies of it. Use the drawings to experiment with patterns and colors. To see how a pattern will look in the room, borrow flooring samples and tape them to the floor. This can help you decide whether you prefer a bold color contrast or a more subtle effect. Finally cut your design out of colored paper and secure it to the floor with masking tape.

Check it from several angles and fine tune the details: Should the border be thicker or thinner? ls the pattern too busy?

Determining the Cost

Custom designed floors are relatively expensive; for example, even a simple design can double the cost of a sheet vinyl floor. However, if the new floor can transform your awkward kitchen and make it work better, it's bound to be a far less expensive solution than rearranging the layout of the room. The final cost of kitchens will depend on your flooring material, the complexity of your design, the size and shape of your room and the condition of your existing floor. Also, in this case it may not be advisable to save money by installing the flooring yourself with sheet vinyl, for example, one slip of the knife can ruin the entire floor. As a rule, the more colors or patterns in your plan, the more costly the floor will be. To find out what the new floor will cost, take your sketch to a flooring store. The dealer can help you determine the cost and, if necessary modify the design to fit your budget.