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Choosing a style of bathroom cabinets

Choosing a style of bathroom cabinets

Apart from washing, think of other activities that you would regularly do in the bathroom. Assess how much storage you require for toiletries and items such as cleaning equipment. lt you keep accessories on show an area of wall-mounted shelving would display them effectively keeping them tidy and easy to find.


The fittings you choose for your bathroom should reflect your personal needs. Remember that you will need to allow enough space between each item to be able to use them easily. A place for drying towels and an efficient ventilation system for keeping the bathroom aired use minimum space but will add significantly to the rooms comfort.


lf you prefer clean, uncluttered lines, look for a fitted bathroom where storage and pipework are concealed. Back-to-wall and wall-mounted sanitaryware designs will also help maintain a streamlined look. Make lighting a priority utilising natural daylight where possible and introducing a flexible lighting system to suit your mood at night.

Planning: the advantage of having a personal bathroom is that style and colour are purely a matter of individual choice. But, if you want to make the room appear more spacious, choose a light-colored paint, wallcovering, or tile for the walls.

Lighting: in a single-occupancy apartment the bathroom and its window may be small, so natural daylight could be limited. To overcome this, avoid curtains, opting instead for a blind in a diaphanous fabric so privacy is maintained.

Planning: with a wide range of space-saving bathroom cabinets available, you can create a functional bathroom for one in the smallest space. A shower over the bathtub will eliminate the need for a separate enclosure, or a deep tub will fit in a confined space.

Lighting: choose recessed downlights that can be positioned to meet your personal needs by illuminating key activity areas. Wall lights are a good alternative, but make sure they are suitable for bathroom use.

Surfaces: if you work long hours, you will have little time to clean, so avoid fixtures with heavy detailing that will attract dust. High gloss surfaces need regular polishing, so matt finishes may be preferable.

Flooring: for those who live alone, the choice of flooring does not have to be limited by practical or child-safety considerations. ln a small bathroom, even expensive materials such as stone or ceramic tiles are affordable as they will not have to cover a large floor area.