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Choosing a builder to fit your bathroom furniture

Choosing a builder to fit your bathroom furniture

It is a common complaint of architects and designers that people go straight to a builder to get their houses built or altered. On the face of it, this complaint seems unworthy of the profession and yet another example of the conspiracy against the laity. Nevertheless, builders are in business to build, and not to design buildings, and designers are in business to design and see their designs are properly carried out by the specialists in the building. and in doing so they may want to install some bathroom furniture.

Given a good working relationship, this arrangement is best. If you decide to design your own bathroom furniture, then you are taking on the role of the architect or designer, and you should not rely on the builder for this aspect of the project. Some builders, of course, will try to carry out the designer's function, but since the motivation of the builder is different from that of the designer, many compromises on design are likely to result. A good builder, on the other hand, is essential for successfully carrying out a bathroom project. The owner may wish to employ tradesmen such as plumbers, drain-layers, carpenters and electricians, direct, but let him be warned, because he will inevitably find himself doing the builders job of coordinating, ordering materials, chasing up tradesmen and all the other activities that fill professional builders working hours. lt can be done, but the experience is likely to be painful, and will inevitably take longer than it would with a well-organised builder.

Choosing a builder to fit the bathroom furniture is always difficult. This is still an old-fashioned industry, but old-established, small builders know what it is all about. Go and see as many builders in their offices as you can. Glossy offices can be misleading, but beware the small man with no apparent administrative back-up at all. This usually spells disaster. Obtain personal recommendations from other people in the area who have undertaken the same work. Time spent on choosing a builder is time well spent.