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Cheap bathroom furniture with all of the quality

Cheap bathroom furniture with all of the quality

If you want to buy cheap bathroom furniture it doesn't necessarily mean you have to compromise on the quality. How can this be done you may wonder. Well, the reason you can buy cheap bathroom furniture from a firm like Paramount Bathrooms is because they manufacture the goods themselves rather than buying it in. The normal chain of events for cheap bathroom furniture is as follows:

  •  The manufacturer makes the cheap bathroom furniture
  •  The manufacturer sells on to a distributor
  •  The distributor sell to a bathroom showroom
  •  The bathroom showroom sells to the public

As you can see there are 4 different firms taking a cut along the way before the goods get to the end user. Sometimes this is five if a bathroom installer puts the goods on his account so that he can also make money. This turns the cheap bathroom furniture into a bathroom furniture.

How Paramount Bathrooms can help

We manufacture the cheap bathroom furniture and sell directly to the public so we are missing out 2 and possibly 3 people along the supply chain. This means that although it is cheap bathroom furniture the quality is not comprised at all. With 48 different door choices, fully built up carcases and soft close doors and drawers you can see that the quality of our cheap bathroom furniture is second to none.

There must be a catch

Honestly, there isn't as we know that we have the best quality bathroom furniture at the lowest price available in the U.K. and we are proud that although it is cheap bathroom furniture it is certainly not cheap on quality.

We believe that if you check the specification of our furniture against all the other makes on the market you will find that we win all hands down in terms of service, quality and in these hard times price.