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Changing the layout of your kitchen made easy

Changing the layout of your kitchen made easy

Level 1: Changing the Layout:

With this option, you`ll retain the same basic footprint as the existing kitchen, but change the positions of the appliances, fixtures and eating areas to create a more efficient layout. This level of remodelling includes most elements of the cosmetic makeover, but may also require the work of a carpenter, electrician and plumbers. Homeowners with advanced do-it-yourself experience might choose to do most of this work themselves. Typical cost: £5,000 to £15 ,000.

Level 2: Expanding Within

lf your present kitchen just isn't large enough to accommodate your needs, one option is to extend the room by borrowing space from adjacent rooms. This generally means that interior partition walls will need to be removed or moved, which is work for an experienced carpenter. This level of remodelling ing often includes significant rearrangement of the appliances and cabinets, as well as the installation of new windows, doors or skylights. ln a major remodelling project of this kind, most of the work will be done by contractors, but many homeowners are capable of supervising the project. Typical cost: £20,000 to £40,000.

Level 3: Redirecting Traffic:

In a slightly more complex scenario, you might find it necessary to change the layout more radically in order to redirect traffic moving through the kitchen. Often this means adding or moving a doorway in a partition wall, as well as redesigning the basic kitchen footprint. Unless you are a very experienced do-it-yourselfer, much of this work will require the help of subcontractors. At this fairly extensive level of remodelling, many homeowners also take the opportunity to add new windows, patio doors and skylights. Typical cost: £12,000 to £30,000.

Level 4: Expanding Outward:

If you find that more space is essential and you can`t expand into adjoining rooms, then the remaining option is to build an addition onto your home. This ambitious undertaking requires the aid of virtually the same collection of professionals it takes to build a home from scratch: architects and engineers, excavation of and concrete contractors, construction and finish carpenters, plumbers and electricians. At this level, most homeowners choose to hire a general contractor to manage the project. Typical cost: �30,000 and up.