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Builders merchants and selling bathroom furniture through them

Builders merchants and selling bathroom furniture through them

A builders merchant will be found in any sizeable town. The average builders merchant will be able to supply nearly anything that is currently available but not necessarily out of his stock. Generally, a restricted range of proprietary products is available over the counter, and standard builders and plumbers materials are of course always to be got. However, special proprietary items are a very different matter. Imported goods may be difficult to get through your local merchant but, more important, unusual items are often on extended delivery.

Some manufacturers of bathroom furniture wait until they have sufficient orders for, say, a special spray tap, before actually producing any at all, and the delivery period may extend to six months or more. Many manufacturers will only supply through a merchant and you should check this at the time of choosing. It is important, therefore, to establish a friendly relationship with your local merchant, who will be able to arrange a monthly account on receipt of suitable references. If the work is being done without a builder, this arrangement will probably prove indispensable.

Building regulations:

Building regulations are laid down by the Department of the Environment and are administered and enforced by local district councils. They apply in England I and Wales, excluding the old London County Council Area, which comes under the London Building Acts. In Scotland, the Scottish Building Regulations apply. All new, permanent, domestic buildings must comply with whichever regulations cover the locality involved. Alterations to buildings must also comply. Broadly speaking, as far as bathrooms are concerned the regulations that apply are Parts A, B, C, D, F, K, N and P, although some paragraphs in other sections must be noted. In practice, if you have no professional advice at hand it is sensible to visit your local District Council Building Inspector and establish friendly relations with him; frequently these people can be helpful, but if treated wrongly can make your life a misery.

They are usually best seen early in the day before they leave for site visits. Your friendly, local building inspector will certainly know the Building Regulations - they are his Bible. Unfortunately, they are written in the form of English, beloved of Parliamentary draftsmen and lawyers, that ensures that the meaning is obscure to the ordinary, well-educated citizen. This results in moments of near hysteria when attempting to distill the significant meaning from a paragraph such as why we should buy bathroom furniture through a builders merchant.