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Border tiles can brighten up the bathroom

Border tiles can brighten up the bathroom

One of the most attractive ideas to give a fine finish to tiling is through introducing a border. These can range from delicate bands of a fine pattern to bold, wide friezes. Borders can be added to ceiling or dado level or can round off a partly tiled surface. Running a border or frieze around the room at dado height can help draw together aspects of an awkwardly - shaped room, and may give an impression of more pleasing proportions.

A border can also frame attractive features - a pretty mirror, perhaps, or a window. Tiles specifically designed as borders are frequently manufactured to complement a whole tiling range. They are often narrow rectangles, flat or raised. Modern versions of Victorian dado tiles are available, with the tiles ending in a raised sill. You could experiment by creating your own borders. Coloured or patterned tiles can border contrasting styles, or you can build up a Chaucer board effect with coloured tiles.

The cumulative effect of a broadband of several rows can be dramatic or consider swooping diagonal patterns across a large field of tiles on one or more walls. These more original creative ideas can give a great deal of satisfaction, but they do need conviction and careful thinking through at the planning stage before you commit yourself to any expenditure.

Sunny spots

Splashes of yellow on tiling and accessories cheer the starkness of pristine white. Note how disparate elements can be drawn together through careful use of accent colour,

Simply classic

A subtle variation in tile positioning: large off - white wall tiles are stepped in brick fashion rather than laid conventionally in straight vertical rows. A black and white chequered border adds interest at dado level, and white floor tiles bordered by black complete the sophisticated effect.