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Be Your Own General Contractor

Be Your Own General Contractor

Some homeowners may want to take on the role of general contractor and manage their own bathroom remodelling project, which can reduce the costs by £3,000 or more. As your own general contractor, you'll hire and schedule all the subcontractors needed for the project. Although you'll have the burden of hiring all the work- ers, you'll also have the opportunity to hand-pick the people who'll work on your bathroom storage. Managing the project yourself makes sense if your schedule is flexible and you don't need to have the work done by a specific deadline. However, acting as your own general contractor can be quite an undertaking, especially if the project is large or complicated. Before you decide to take on the role of general contractor, make sure you have the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

 Organization. A major remodeling project is a com- plicated affair that requires systematic organization of many details.

Remodelling knowledge. To supervise the job and approve the work of subcontractors and labourers, you'll need a good understanding of the work they're doing.

 Bookkeeping and math skilIs. Keeping tabs on the budget and organising receipts and expenditures is an essential aspect of managing the bathroom cabinets job.

 A strong personality. At some point, you'll need to be firm with subcontractors or suppliers. You don't need to be hostile, but you can't be passive, either. Integrity. You can't demand excellence from your subcontractors unless you treat them honestly make decisions they rely

on modelling integrity. You can't demand excellence from your subcontractors unless you treat them honestly make decisions they rely on quickly and effectively and pay them on time. Some subcontractors refuse to work with homeowner general contractors you may need to convince them that you're prepared to handle the job professionally.

Do Some of the Work Yourself

Another way to save a few bucks on your bathroom storage is to do some of the physical labour yourself. Even if you've hired a general contractor to manage the project, you may be able to arrange to do some of the simpler jobs. Here are some labor-intensive tasks you may want to consider doing: Demolition work involves removing old cabinetry countertops, floor surfaces and non-load-bearing interior walls. This work can be time- consuming, but it's not very difficult. However, it's important that you know what you're doing. Mistakes made during bathroom cabinets demolition can delay the job and compromise the finished product.

lf you're working with sub - contractors, make sure they know exactly what work you'll be doing. It is also helpful to understand the construction steps that will follow the demolition work, which can save you from the common pitfall of demolishing too much. Safety is another important concern in demolition work. Always wear sturdy work boots, gloves, eye protection and a dust mask or respirator. And take special care to find out what's behind any wall or other surfaces, such as electrical wiring and plumbing pipes, before cutting into the bathroom storage.

There are many do-it-yourself books on construe modelling that can show you how to do this safely Or, ask a professional. Adding insulation and vapour barriers to new walls is a relatively easy job. Plan to do this after the wiring and plumbing are completed, but before the drywall installers arrive. Always follow the manufacturers instructions.

Painting interior walls is well within the ability of most homeowners. You can also save a little bit by purchasing the painting supplies yourself.