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Bathroom Furniture
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A bathroom is defined as a room used for personal hygiene. The room generally contains a shower or bathtub. The modern improved bathrooms contain a toilet and a sink, although the components vary with different regions in the world. The bathroom is usually designed to account for both hot and cold water in enough amounts to sufficiently clean the human body and to move solid and liquid wastes from humans into a sewer or septic tank. Electrical appliances include the lights, heated towel rails and heaters which are generally fixed permanently to minimise the risk of electric shock. The door is mainly made of translucent material to help allow light into the room.

Bathrooms are important places for one's personal hygiene. They allow for the privacy to clean up the body thoroughly unlike one could have done in the open area. They are also quiet places where one can meditate and have a personal time to relax and clear the mind mostly after a long day or strenuous activity. Other bathrooms usually have fitted music systems or television sets for purposes of relaxation. Other people also keep magazines which they keep reading while relaxing their minds in the bathroom. The bathroom usually contains basic amenities such as the soap, towels, tissue papers and shower towels. Comfortable bathrooms should have sufficient lighting either from the bulbs or they should have large windows that can let light inside. They are also fitted with mirrors to be used for dressings or just to enhance the appeal of the room. Other amenities kept in the bathroom include Vaseline, lotion, toothbrush and sometimes one's medication all these meant for the convenience of the user.

A bathroom is a place for personal hygiene thus good care must be taken to maintain them. Water is continually splashed on the walls and floor which might result to humid air condensing on the cold surfaces. Thus materials and coverings of the ceiling, wall and the floor should be impervious to water and be easy and ready to clean. These materials can also be decorated, unlike the ones that absorb water. The floors of the bathroom are often cold from contact with water thus water resistant bath mats or carpets designated for bathrooms can be used on the floors to make them more comfortable. The more improved bathrooms have floors that may be heated using strategically placed heaters close to the floor surface all meant for the comfort of the room.