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Bathroom storage for everyday and occasional use

Bathroom storage for everyday and occasional use

A bathroom where toiletries and cosmetics are kept behind closed doors may look organised but it is more practical to keep everyday items in an open storage system where the contents are clearly visible. Select a series of matching baskets or containers to give miscellaneous products a coordinated look, and keep them stacked on shelves. Open units with adjustable shelves allow bulky items, including towels, toilet rolls and small bottles and jars, to be stored in one organised area.

Small bathrooms will look less cluttered if stackable containers are used to make optimum use of the available space. Choose a matching or coordinated colours to create a neat and orderly look:

*Mirror and chrome finishes help make storage less obtrusive by reflecting surrounding surface colours and light.

*Frosted- glass containers are particularly useful for disguising mismatched odds and ends within a hi-tech, functional exterior.

Movable storage

Baskets and containers are ideal for lifting and carrying small items around the bathroom to where they are needed and are easily tucked away after use. lt is important that they should be non-porous and cleanable as water, dust, and debris soon collect inside. Fabric-lined baskets add colour and are also a practical choice as the liners can be removed for washing when necessary. For heavier or bulky bathroom storage items, a wheeled trolley is ideal. These are useful for transporting towels close to the bathtub or shower, and also provide a level surface where toiletries can be reached while bathing. When choosing a trolley, check that it turns easily and will push smoothly over your bathroom flooring. A trolley with pull-out drawers helps to keep the contents free of dust and prevents items from toppling off the unit as it is moved around. Try to find one with trays inside the drawers so they can be removed separately for cleaning.

Ergonomic considerations

Narrow shelving prevents small items from becoming lost or forgotten at the back. Frequently used items should be stored between waist height and eye-level so you will not have to stretch or stoop to reach them. Bulky but lightweight items such as towels can be removed easily from lower shelving areas without straining the lower back and knees.

Storage: occasional use

Bathroom storage has to be suitable for a variety of bathroom products. Bulky items, such as towels, spare toilet roll, and a laundry basket, are lightweight but space consuming. Smaller items, such as sponges, wash mitts, and cosmetics, have a diverse range of shapes so require adaptable storage. Store small items on shallow shelving so they can be found easily. Family bathrooms have the greatest amount and variety of toiletries and equipment to accommodate so they require careful planning. Storage is likely to be needed for a host of products, ranging from children's bath toys and nappies to shampoo, soap, and lotions bought in bulk.

Making space

Where space is limited, you will need to decide which items are best stored in the bathroom and try to find alternative locations for bulkier or less used belongings. To help you prioritise, consider if there are any items in the bathroom that others may want when the room is occupied - for example, a first aid kit.

Freestanding furniture

Built-in cabinets give bathrooms a uniform, streamlined look but freestanding cupboards and shelves offer a decorative finish to the room and can be moved or replaced as required. Units that combine open shelving with concealed cupboard space below are useful for displaying attractive accessories and toiletries where they can be seen and hiding away cleaning products and toilet rolls.

Frosted glass cabinet fronts and diaphanous fabric screens maintain a light, airy look without totally hiding items placed inside. Open shelving allows air to circulate around folded towels and bath sponges but can quickly become cluttered and dusty, so limit your choice to one or two open shelf units if you do not have a great deal of time to keep them clean and tidy.