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Bathroom shower styles

Bathroom shower styles

A shower is an obvious choice for creating additional washing facilities in the home. A huge range of sizes and shapes is available, making it possible to install a shower just about anywhere. Popular locations near the bathroom include the landing, under the stairs, over an existing tub, or in a bedroom. Fitting an extra shower will also ease pressure on the main bathroom, preventing early morning panics when several people need to use bathroom facilities at the same time.

Period & Modern

If you want to recreate a bygone era, reproduction bathroom shower enclosures and fittings are widely available. You can also buy restored originals through specialist outlets but, as they are antiques, they are often more expensive than modern copies. For most, a combination of traditional style with modern technology is the best solution. Etched glass enclosures with exposed fittings create traditionally styled showers that are also easy to maintain. Many original showers were installed over the tub, and, if you are lucky enough to have a slipper, roll- top or "lion's paw design, the addition of a large shower rose above would complete the look. When it comes to design options, modern showers offer great flexibility as fixtures and fittings can be put together in a variety of ways. Shower trays come in standard shapes, ranging from square to circular and corner designs. Pay attention to the fittings as these will determine the showers performance and versatility.

Size matters

Ideally, it should be possible for any user whatever their size, to wash freely without coming into contact with the shower walls. A double shower is a luxury that offers plenty of personal space or room for two, However, it is important to make sure that the bathroom shower head can dispense enough water at the right pressure in a large unit: a single shower rose or hand set will simply not perform well enough. Plan the fixtures in a large unit to include rain bars or body jets that will deluge the occupant, making it both comfortable and fun to use.

Design points:

Accessories: modern P\/C shower curtains give shower units an instant update. Choose plain or subtle patterns for traditional and over-tub showers to enhance the decorative fixtures.

Accessories: regularly clean fabric shower curtains to remove the soapy build-up that collects along the base. Let them dry fully before rehanging.

Planning: if you live in a hard water area, limescale deposits will reduce the efficiency of your shower. When buying a shower, look for one with an integral self - cleaning head with filaments that push through the spray holes to eject the limescale. Otherwise clean with a product designed to remove scale.

Showers: some showrooms have working displays of shower fittings. These are useful as they enable you to find out which type of shower head best suits your needs.