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Bathroom lighting and how it effects you

Bathroom lighting and how it effects you

Carefully chosen lighting will add to the style and ambience of your bathroom. Downlights are unobtrusive and cast a soft, general light. Task lighting is useful for illuminating specific areas where good visibility is essential. Diffused lighting will reduce glare from reflective mirrors and tiled surfaces.

General lighting

A central pendant for the bathroom storage may be sufficient for a small bathroom, but a series of downlights, which virtually eliminate shadows and dark corners, is better. Recessed downlights are discreet and can be angled towards key areas or bounced off walls for a diffused effect. Track lights are easy to install and the latest designs come with halogen bulbs and metallic finishes that accentuate contemporary styles.

Mood lighting

Soft lighting creates a calm, restful atmosphere that is perfect when you just wish to relax in the tub. Choose a system that can be dimmed down to a subtle, atmospheric level.

Task lighting

When applying cosmetics, shaving, or fitting contact lenses in front of a mirror, you need task lighting that gives clear, glare-free illumination. The fittings could be downlights, bulk - head or halogen spot lights but, whatever you choose, position them where they will not shine directly into your eyes or onto reflective surfaces that could become dazzling. Prevent shadows by angling fittings to shine from both sides and from above.

Diffused lighting

Diffused lighting provides an even, non-directional light that cuts out glare, disguises uneven walls, and softens hard surfaces and brash colours. In small shower rooms, a diffuser set flush in the wall or ceiling saves space. Waterproof bulkhead lights have appeal in a contemporary bathroom setting.

Lights with bathroom storage

You can easily brighten up your bathroom storage by lighting it up. Bathrooms nearly always come with bathroom storage so why not just add some lighting as long as it conforms to regulation.

There are various standards that have to be adhered to when bathroom products are manufactured, but it is equally important that you follow the manufacturer's installation and usage guidelines to make sure that products can be used safely. When selecting bathroom fixtures, fittings and furnishings, always consider how suitable they are for the purpose. lf the bathroom may be used by young children or someone who is less able, check what precautions can be taken to make sure that it is safe for them.

Electricity rules

Water is not just confined to the basin and shower areas; condensation and splashes can happen anywhere, so it is important to choose lighting and electronic fittings that have been specifically designed for bathroom use and installed by a qualified electrician. Lights must be operated from outside the bathroom or from inside by using a pull-cord. If you want music in the bathroom, look for a waterproof, battery operated radio.

Chemical hazards

Always store cleaning chemicals in the original bottles. Where there are children, store chemicals out of reach, in containers with childproof lids. Rinse surfaces with fresh water after using chemical cleaners.

Safe surfaces

Smooth, shiny surfaces, including tubs, showers, and tiled floors, will become slippery when splashed with soapy water. To provide a grip and lessen the chances of a fall, look for shower bases and tubs with a ridged or textured finish. lf you prefer a smooth, shiny finish, keep a non-slip mat in the bathroom to place in the shower or tub when necessary. Grab rails are useful for helping anyone in and out of the tub without slipping; discreet recessed rails are available in many designs and leave adjacent walls clear of fittings. Bright- coloured grab rails are also available for those who are visually impaired. Choose fixtures and fittings with smooth, rounded contours since they are less likely to cause injury should someone fall against them. Stone, marble, and ceramic tiles are durable but hard. Buy cotton bath mats with a non-slip rubber backing to absorb splashes and provide a softer landing should anyone fall.