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Bathroom facelifts

Bathroom facelifts

The largest part of revamping an existing bathroom is the expense of plumbing and new fittings. If you inherit a bathroom where everything works perfectly but just doesn't suit your taste, there are ways of changing the whole mood of the room without having to start from scratch.

Using colour and pattern

Look at the colours of the fittings and tiles or anything else you can't afford to change, and make that your starting point. A wallpaper that picks up one or more of these colours in a bold pattern can look stunning, especially if it is emphasised by curtains and accessories that match or coordinate. Even if it's very small, there's no reason why the bathroom shouldn't have style. Rich, full-length curtains or a decorative Austrian blind brighten up the dullest windows. A pastel-coloured, mini-print wall - covering, especially if it is used on the ceiling as well as the walls, can visually extend a small or dark bathroom.

lf light colours are used for the flooring and curtains, too, the effect is increased. The bathroom no longer has to be a plain, functional and rather cold place that you spend as little time in as' possible. As long as it is heated adequately, it may only take the addition of a fitted carpet or thick rugs for it to be really warm and cosy, and a comfortable chair or elegant window seat can make it a truly inviting room.