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Bathroom cabinets and the other elements of a bathroom

Bathroom cabinets and the other elements of a bathroom

In the past, home design has tended to focus mainly on social areas such as the kitchen and living rooms, leaving the bathroom simply as a necessary but relatively unimportant area. Gradually, however, the role of the bathroom is changing to provide an oasis of calm in the home, and incorporating luxury facilities that can be enjoyed by all. Take time to assess your needs and those of others who share the bathroom,

Whether you intend to indulge yourself with state-of-the-art fixtures or opt for a period-style room, invest in the best you can afford. As you begin to plan details, turn to the relevant sections of The Bathroom Cabinets to find design ideas and practical tips to guide you towards practical solutions.


When looking for fixtures and fittings, do not just search out the new and the unusual; look for designs that use the latest technology to transform bath time into the ultimate experience. Speciality tubs and showers feature steam cleansing, lymph stimulation, hydrotherapy, and body-toning systems to soothe or invigorate. It is now possible to accurately control water temperature with thermostatic valves that can be preset to the desired temperature and are designed to cut off instantly should the hot or cold water supply fail.

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Use the peel-and-stick fixture outlines at the back of the book to select your tub, shower, toilet, and basin. On the grid page, map out the available floor space, including window and door measurements. Refer to "Planning the Space" for advice on choosing the best position for each item. Try two or three different layouts to help you find the best configuration.

Planning: when planning the layout of your bathroom, remember to include sufficient storage for bulky items, such as towels and toilet rolls, as well as open shelving for frequently used toiletries and accessories.

Surfaces of the bathroom cabinets: Safety should feature high on your list of priorities. Look for non - slip surfaces and smooth edges that will not cause injury should someone fall.

Accessories: colour and pattern are a matter of personal choice, but make sure that the textiles, wall coverings, and flooring you choose are suitable for warm damp conditions and will not be damaged by splashes of water.

Lighting: plan bathroom lighting to coordinate with the installation of fixtures and bathroom cabinets, since some wiring may need to run along the walls behind them. Position the lights to highlight key areas such as the shower enclosure and sink mirrors, where good visibility is essential.