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Bathroom accessories and their place in the bathroom

Bathroom accessories and their place in the bathroom

There will always be a need for practical bathroom accessories such as toilet- roll holders, soap dishes, and towel hooks and, with a little imagination, they can be just the extras a bathroom needs to make it special. Miscellaneous antique fittings collected over time can look as pleasing as the latest coordinated range made in one easy purchase.

Basin accessories

Spaces for holding face mitts, soap, and toothbrushes are always useful. Roll - top and some modern tubs do not include soap recesses around the rim, so a bath rack or a wall-mounted dish nearby will address the problem. A liquid soap dispenser by the basin is hygienic and easy to clean, while magnetic soap holders allow air to circulate around the bars, preventing them from becoming soggy. To free up the bathroom countertop, find space for a toothmug next to the sink or select a wall-fixed design.

Toilet accessories

lt is practical to place the toilet-roll holder within easy reach of the toilet, especially when young children are being toilet trained. If you have a bidet, fit a soap holder or dispenser next to it, together with a pile of small linen towels or disposable paper towels in a basket nearby.

Personal items

Accessories encompass a diverse range of goods and, in spacious bathrooms, personal collections and objects cart can be displayed to great effect against large, blank walls. For most home bathrooms, a range of decorative accessories can be displayed perfectly well alongside functional ones, They need not cost a great deal either; for example, a new laundry basket can improve the rooms overall look as much as a dish of exotic shells or a pretty mirror.