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April shower enclosures

April shower enclosures

With April shower enclosures identiti2, you can rest easy knowing that it is possible to have your dream bathroom. The company offers a wide range of shower quadrants as well as shower enclosures. You can also find shower doors, wet rooms and any other appliances that are guaranteed to provide you with a dazzling shower experience.

One of the most popular products on offer is the mini bath screen; this screen provides your bath with minimalistic beauty. It features a frame made from polished silver and a 6mm toughened glass that has been uniquely treated with the top of the range Clean and Clear process. It is no wonder, therefore that this screen is one of the most preferred of all. The bath screen can also come with a towel rail.

This screen has 180-degree pivots that make the cleaning process easier and the towel rail has a great chrome finish. The shower screen offers a divider that is transparent between yourself and the bathroom surroundings thereby delivering a showering experience that is enjoyable, to say the least. Thanks to the April shower enclosures identiti2, you can never go wrong if your aim is to make your bathroom experience as neat and enjoyable as possible.

April shower enclosures

The use of April shower enclosures, which are available in a wide variety in the market, has contributed significantly to the change in the designs and styles of bathrooms over time and consequently, customers are now able to choose the ones that meet their needs. These enclosures are specially designed in a way that enables them to provide adequate space when taking a shower and minimise on it at the same time and this gives customers a good reason to use them. Although each size of these enclosures has its own configuration for the shower doors, 1000mm, 800mm and 900mm have proven to be the most commonly used over the past few years.

Although April shower enclosures have unique and modern doors, they enable customers to take advantage of small spaces that are available in the bathrooms since they are specially designed to do so by using their wonderful curves. These enclosures, which can be clear or frosted, have doors that are made from aluminium and chrome, white or silver colours hence their popularity in the market.

April shower enclosures, which are available in two main types, namely, standard and slim line, have doors that are made from glass that has patterns and consequently, they customers have the option of installing them the way they want in order to meet their requirements.

April Identiti shower enclosures

April Identiti shower enclosures, which have a unique ability to integrate with all bathroom designs ranging from high end modern to classic period looks, are the perfect choice for people who want to bring their ideal bathrooms one-step closer to reality because they have a classic minimalist design. These enclosures enable people to clean their bathrooms easily since they have a unique ability to allow quick release of doors and for this reason; they are a fantastic choice for everyone.

April Identiti shower enclosures, which are some of the leading shower products in the world owing to their exceptional quality, innovative designs and the ability to offer value for money, come with concealed fixings, profile covers and more importantly, they are wet room compatible hence their popularity. These enclosures offer a reassuringly engineered action since they have an incredibly smooth running mechanism that is easy to install and adjust.

The aforementioned enclosures, which offer a lifetime guarantee to customers, provide the highest level of confidence since they are made to exacting standards. Although they are a more expensive option as compared to other types of enclosures, they boast of the best quality owing to their impressive components that are rare to find anywhere in the world other than in Britain.

April prestige shower enclosures

April prestige shower enclosures, which are available in a wide range of sizes, have become increasingly popular since their entry into the market because they are specially designed to deliver excellence both inside and out. These enclosures are easily available at huge discounts from April Shower products and consequently, they have made it possible for customers to buy a large number in order to meet the varying needs of their bathroom decor.

April prestige shower enclosures have become a favorite choice for millions of customers across the world because they not only enable them to be perfectly aware of the outside environment of their bathroom while showering but they also make it possible for them to transform their recessed shower cabins into complete glass enclosures by using their toughened glass side panels.

The aforementioned enclosures, which are specially designed to enable customers to make bold statements, have become a favourite choice for their beautiful bathrooms and since their prices are within their budget, all the customers are able to acquire them easily. The enclosures come with unique features such as a fully toughened glass and a polished silver finish as well as an in slide function and consequently, they have the ability to offer customers a comfortable and modern bathroom essential. In addition, they enable them to enjoy showering owing to their luxurious and lavish designs.

The April quadrant shower enclosures

April quadrant shower enclosures are manufactured with a high-quality material. These showers are freestanding kinds of baths and they come in different varieties. Among the few, there is the April quadrant double door shower enclosure that features an 8mm toughened safety glass. It also features an easy clean, a clean clear glass coating and a lifetime guarantee. These baths have also been designed to last.

With a silver polish finish and plated chrome makes the bath exude sophistication and clean modern design. Another type of the April quadrant shower enclosures is 1000 by 1000 quadrant shower enclosure. This bath has a radius of 550 and is 1850mm high. Its width is adjustable to a width of 965-990. It also has an adjustable profile of 20mm that is set for out of true walls.

Another feature is it has a clean and clear glass, which is easy to clean and keep. The silver frame of this bath also has a silver polish finishing with styling chrome handle. Its doors are sliding ones and it has quick release door rollers for easy cleaning. It also has a few benefits that include creating a non-sticky surface. The bathroom is resistant to lime scale build-up and water spots. It is easy to clean and it maintains its pristine appearance for longer.

April identiti2 shower enclosure and waste offer

The April identiti2 shower enclosure is a prestigious range of shower enclosures that is of high quality. It has luxurious features that include an 8mm quality glass that is designed to last a lifetime. These types of bathrooms are a comprehensive mix of innovative designs. These designs come with their own unique benefits to the user.

With a glare, one knows of how uncompromising this kind of bathroom attracts one's attention. They are of high quality, the modern flowing lines, and the structure of the April identiti2 shower enclosure creates a stunning centrepiece in the bathroom. These showers come in a wide range of varieties that one can choose. Some of which include the bi-fold shower doors that are semi frameless and have matching side panels.

Another is the identity2 shower quadrant enclosures, which are the best selling items, is the bathroom design industry. The range of this type of the April identity2 showers offers an outstanding value for money. However, it still manages to include premium features, it is made of safety glass, and it is easy to clean. The slider shower door is another type of identity2 showers. It is almost similar to the bi-fold but this has a sliding instead of a bi-fold door.