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Adding some colour to the bathroom

Adding some colour to the bathroom

The majority of bathrooms are comparatively small, and contain a good deal of clutter; toothbrushes, mirrors, towels and so on contribute to the visual scene in both a positive and a negative way. Your bathroom is primarily a functional room but it should satisfy your visual sense when in use. Colour is an inducer of mood; if your preference is for a feeling of healthy, Nordic cleanliness, then your bathroom will probably contain no applied colour at all; natural timber, white plaster, white fittings, coloured towels and so on may well be the best solution. If, however, you see your bathroom as a background to your fantasy life then anything is permissible. One thing that can be said: make your bathroom a genuine expression of your personality, and not of some advertisers vision of luxury living.

Colour changes in walls and floors are easy to achieve; experimentation in colour is probably best carried out in the bathroom. As far as paint colours are concerned, obtain the latest British Standard 4800 colour range which is quite good for most colours. It has weaknesses, but it probably gives a wider range than your local do-it-yourself merchant will stock. Look also at coloured timber stains and think about the use of natural timber or birch-faced plywood. bathroom colours. Be careful when choosing coloured tiles and look at tiles in situ. Finally, always consider your lighting arrangements at the same time; coloured light bulbs and dimmer switches can produce results as interesting as the applied colours themselves. Coloured fittings in a bathroom arc a matter of personal taste - and tastes change, so you should think carefully about installing expensive coloured fittings which may go out of fashion. On a practical note, however, fittings from different manufacturers and in different materials can show slight variations in colour. For a perfect match, it is best to make a careful comparison in the showroom or builders merchants store.