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Adding sinks and taps to your new kitchen

Adding sinks and taps to your new kitchen

The sink is the most-used work centre in the kitchen. If there are two or more cooks in your household, you may want to include an additional sink in your plans. Even for one cook, a second prep sink is a nice luxury. The primary sink should be roomy, making it easy to fill or wash large pots and serving pieces.

Select the biggest sink you can accommodate, but don't exceed a depth of 9 in., reaching down any farther can put extra strain on your back. And avoid rounded bowls and sinks that are divided into small double and triple bowls, as this reduces the size of your work area. An under mount sink is ideal for a busy cook since you can wipe messes right into the sink bowl.

Faucets are available in an enormous range of styles, and you're likely to find just the right look for your kitchen. But before you go shopping, think about the faucet type that will function best. For example, single - handle lever faucets are much easier to operate than dial types: you can even use your elbow to flip them on or off when your hands are sticky or covered with flour. Gooseneck faucets make it easy to fill, wash and rinse large pots; a pullout faucet does the same, plus it allows you to reach all corners of the sink. A useful speciality faucet is the pot filler - a cold water faucet usually installed on a wall near a cooktop or range. This saves the cook from having to lug around big pots full of water, but for most people, it's a luxury.