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Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom

Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom

You may eventually tire of a fancy bathroom suite which at first seems stunning, so it�s often best to stick to something fairly simple, and go to town on the decoration instead. Repainting a wall is cheaper than buying a new bath!

Since the bathroom is a private place, and you don�t actually live in the room, colours, patterns and styles which you couldn't tolerate elsewhere in the home can be used to good effect. (Dont, though, get too carried away: check that the materials you want to use can resist heat, damp and steam.)

Lighting can reinforce the atmosphere - bright lights for a high-tech effect or glowing lighting for something more intimate. Also consider the positioning of the suite - a bath at right angles to the wall can make an interesting focal point. Similarly, an ordinary bath can be transformed if the surround is fully tiled, panelled, or carpeted. A sunken bath invokes a feeling of luxury - and if you can�t sink the bath into the floor, build up the floor instead.