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A second bathroom is what we would all like

A second bathroom is what we would all like

Fantasy in wood and brass:

The bathroom is a good place to indulge decorative whims and fancies that might prove tiring elsewhere in the home. The almost cathedral-like atmosphere in this bathroom has been built up around an ordinary white bath panelled in dark wood to match the elaborately carved wood and glass panels which partially surround it. Suitable unusual fittings can often be found at architectural salvage yards. A similar (if slightly less dramatic) effect could be created without the carving by replacing the antique panels with large mirrors and panes of glass enclosed in elaborate frames.

Extravaganza in pink and blue:

A little imagination and a lot of courage can create a dream-like environment in an ordinary, rectangular bathroom with standard fittings. The walls have been divided into three zones. The lowest section visually links the bath and basin. The middle blue section is splattered with pink and two shades of blue, linking the blue of the Noor and the ceiling. Finally, the uppermost section (above a narrow glass shelf) is painted dusky pink to match both the beading around the bath and the pattern in the blue section of the wall. The gleaming bathroom suite adds a crisp note and reflects the surrounding colours. An arched, recessed mirror turns the basin into a striking feature, and carefully-chosen accessories add the finishing touches to this very individual bathroom.

A second bathroom:

lf you would like to add an extra bathroom to your home but haven't enough space for a standard bath a small bath may answer your problem. Extra-short baths are available which can be under 100cm long, They are ideal for children and perfectly adequate for occasional use by visitors.

Adding a shower:

Since a small bath makes a good base for a shower, a brass shower head has been installed. The shower curtain, hung from a brass shower rail to match the taps, keeps the rest of the room free from splashes. Patterned tiles look attractive in a small room so long as they are part of a complete colour scheme. Here they coordinate with the blue and white of the side panels of the bath.